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bjork / where is the line (white label promo single) / one little indian

Perfect remix by the brilliant San Fransico duo Matmos.
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michael levition / my favorite place to drown / ace fu records

Michael Leviton has stolen my heart this week with his quirky love songs and ukulele strums. Michael states, “My personal favorite place to drown is in a pretty girl’s eyes, but on a less personal level, the title’s supposed to refer to how love seems to be everybody’s favorite self-destructive past time. Romance is the most worthwhile misery. In the old days, sailors used to chase after sirens and drown. Drowning is sort of the essence of romance. It’s not very romantic unless you’re in over your head.” Fans of Jens Lekman are bound to love this.
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junior boys / so this is goodbye / domino
download: when no one cares mp3
download: count souvenirs mp3
out august 14th.

john tejada / eurotunnel/calibration / ~scape
boomkat review

agaric / momentum ep / treibstoff

agaric and lawrence / virke and place to be / liebe detail

antonelli / esplanada ep / kalk pets
boomkat review

tiemu / subway / between us

I'd like to thank my friend Ben in Kansas City for the hype. Check out his blog and podcasts.

Newly acquainted friend, Greg Smith from vague terrain has an informative review on MUTEK.